Water & Wastewater

Stop the Promotion of Corrosion

Nothing eliminates corrosion and prepares steel and cementitious substrates like Sponge-Jet. Whether by its two-part cleaning/profiling process, its ability to reduce harmful abrasive rebound, or its built-in dust-suppressing characteristics, corrosion professionals around the world who want to get it right the first time and without collateral damage to surrounding assets use Sponge-Jet.

Getting it right means high-quality, clean substrates that can maximize protective coating life, and reduce repetitive and costly maintenance cycles. On your next job, contain and compartmentalize surface preparation operations and reduce interruption to surrounding trades and other critical water/waste processing.

Use Sponge-Jet on:

  • Interior/Exterior pipes, tanks, walls and ceilings
  • Clarifier tanks, weirs, racks and catwalks
  • Pretreatment, secondary treatment, and primary treatment areas
  • Pump stations
  • Digestor covers, aeration basins, filter trains, water channels and biological reactors
  • Cleaning basins (e.g. flocculation, sand, aeration, pre-sedimentation and sedimentation)
  • Wood

Don’t wait to try Sponge-Jet on your next project. It could yield faster turnaround, longer lasting coatings and less headaches compared to ordinary abrasives.

Features & Benefits

  • Remove surface contaminants, rust and (lead-based) industrial coatings
  • Maximize protective coating life to extend asset life
  • Reduce downtime, accelerating surface-prep and coating operations
  • Complete other maintenance work during Sponge Blasting
  • Reduce costs compared to conventional surface preparation
  • Blast near sensitive equipment or adjacent coatings without harm