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Monday July 31, 2017

Lead Paint Removal (C3)

C3 includes background information on the hazards of lead and other toxic metals as well as the current legal and regulatory environment.

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Wednesday August 9, 2017

ASTM Committee Meeting D33

ASTM Committee D33 on Protective Coatings for Power Generation Facilities was formed in 1979.
ASTM is asking all attendees to preregister for this meeting.

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Monday October 2, 2017

Abrasive Blasting Program (C7)

Course Description
C7 is designed for contractor personnel who wish to obtain certification, or others who wish to learn about dry abrasive blast cleaning of steel.

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Wednesday October 4, 2017

Water Jetting Program (C13)

Course Description
This program assesses the skills of waterjetters who have a minimum of 120 hours waterjetting work experience and prior documented employer-provided training on the waterjetting equ…

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