Tin Ceilings

Restore Antique Tin Ceilings to Their Historic Beauty

Popularly used as a decorative architectural element especially in older structures, tin ceilings and walls are typically constructed of thin, delicate metal tiles or sheets. With Sponge-Jet, the removal of old paint or coatings, the cleaning of stains, and the elimination of corrosion on tin ceilings, is achievable up to 10-15 times faster than peelers or hand scrapers, drastically shortening the restoration process.

Sponge-Jet has become the tool of choice for historic conservation professionals tasked with cleaning tin. Sponge Media has been employed in the restoration of hundreds of thousands of square feet of tin ceilings and walls within the last several years. Prior to the start of a tin ceiling restoration, building owners should consult with a historic restoration contractor as these types of restoration projects require careful consideration and attention to detail.

Sponge-Jet’s versatile technology enables conservators and restoration experts to properly and safely clean delicate tin surfaces. Sponge Blasting allows contractors to dial down the air pressure required for ordinary abrasive blasting while skimming the surface with sponge, lowering the risk of warping significantly.

Features & Benefits

  • Safe and dry… no harsh chemicals or runoff
  • Low media ricochet won’t harm adjacent substrates
  • Simplified job staging
  • Up to 95% dust reduction allows for precision cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly, recyclable sponge media means less waste in landfills