Window Frames and Casings

Window Replacement vs. Restoration; Know Your Surface Prep Options

Contractors, architects and building professionals alike are aptly prepared for cleaning and removal of coatings and contaminants from historic and sensitive wall substrates, but what about window frames and their casings? These window frames and casings are often made of metallic substrates in decorative style. They are often costly to strip of corrosion and lead-based paint and frequently too costly to remove and replace – but there IS a way to quickly, safely and controllably restore them in place. You can rely on dry, chemical-free Sponge Media™ blasting when restoring windows, frames, sash, and architectural surroundings.

Sponge-Jet’s cleaning and restorative Sponge Media allows users to remove contaminants, corrosion and coatings without damaging windows and their surroundings.

Overall Value:

  • Cost-effectively restore windows rather than replace them.
  • Removes environmental contaminants, corrosion and/or coating layers.
  • Save time/money with less window deconstruction and reconstruction.
  • Quick and mobile staging, blast cleaning and cleanup.
  • Usable on hardwoods, ferrous and non-ferrous substrates (e.g. oak, cast iron, aluminum).

Features & Benefits

  • Easily containable so other trades can work nearby
  • Low media ricochet won’t harm adjacent substrates
  • Certain Sponge Media products won’t etch glass
  • Selectively Removes Coatings
  • Environmentally Responsible - Recyclable multiple times
  • Safe and dry... no harsh chemicals or runoff
  • Not temperature sensitive like chemical strippers
  • Requires no pH balancing before painting