Buildings & Structures

Faster Maintenance — Improved Performance

Buildings and structures require all forms of cleaning, coating and maintenance. This range of varied demands is often addressed with the flexibility and capability of Sponge-Jet composite media. One system, by simply varying the media type, pressure and technique can:

  • Remove coatings, corrosion and staining
  • Prepare steel, masonry and other surfaces for coating
  • Gently remove environmental contaminants and soiling
  • Remove grease, oil, cementitious coatings and graffiti
  • Rejuvenate stairwells, parking garages, brick walls, stone fences
  • Restore industrial and commercial metal window and door frames
  • Cost-effectively address cleaning/maintenance budget concerns without compromising quality
  • Improve safety and ease compliance issues with neighbors and the community

The inability to shut down or disrupt the ongoing use of commercial/industrial buildings and structures is often challenged by the need to professionally perform maintenance. Now, with Sponge-Jet, both challenge can be overcome.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimize liability and regulatory issues
  • Enhance community relations and compliance
  • Increase structure & asset availability
  • Support public environmental initiatives
  • Improve reliability of schedule and budget
  • Maximize coating performance

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