Chemical & Petrochemical

Seamless Transition to the Industry of the Future

In ever-changing sectors where new developments are the order of the day. High efficiency, low emissions and high production are forcing upgrades, new constructions and expansion. For example:

  • Ethanol and Bio Fuels
  • Plastics / Polymers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fertilizers
  • Consumer products (cleaning products, paints, adhesives, etc.)

All of the above can benefit from Sponge-Jet’s dry, clean and reusable media, which allows users to operate and sustain their assets without disrupting normal operations.

Sponge Blasting is a proven tool to reduce shutdown time for repairs and new construction while enhancing worker safety and minimizing environmental effects.

Features & Benefits

  • Increase time between shut downs
  • Protect integrity & reliability of equipment
  • Blast on operating equipment
  • Improve worker health and safety
  • Improve community relations and compliance
  • Increase production and profits

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