Sponge-Jet Feed Units
Pressurized Feed Units propel Sponge Media abrasives to the surface. A centralized control panel provides adjustment of blast pressure and media feed rate allowing for precise control.
5% Waste Sponge Media

1. Sponge Media propelled at the surface.

2. Sponge particle flattens on impact. Cleans or abrades the surface.

3. Sponge cells expand, creating vacuum – entrapping dust and debris.

Feed Unit Sponge Media Abrasives Recyclers
Sponge Media Abrasives
Over 25 different types of Sponge Media are available. Each with different abrasives or cleaning agents bonded in the Sponge.
1 Impact - Abrasive Profiling
Sponge media flattens on impact, exposing abrasive, cleaning, abrading and profiling the surface.
Feed Unit Sponge Media Abrasives Recyclers
2 Expansion - Suction
Sponge cells expand, creating vacuum – pulling in debris.
Feed Unit Sponge Media Abrasives Recyclers
3 Containment - Rebound
Media traps hazardous particles that would have become airborne and rebound with low energy; making cleanup and containment easy.
Feed Unit Sponge Media Abrasives Recyclers
Sponge-Jet Recyclers
Recyclers clean and classify Sponge Media for reuse, separating media from oversized debris, and fine waste.
Recycling Technology
Feed Unit Feed Unit Sponge Media Abrasives Recyclers
Oversized Waste
Removes FOD (Foreign Object Debris) such as nuts and bolts.
Up to 95% recycled
Sponge Media is efficiently recycled on site for immediate reuse thus minimizing time and cost associated with material handling, waste disposal.
media recycled
Fine Waste
Dust, broken down paint, rust and hazardous contaminants are separated from the Sponge Media.
Sustainable, Safe, Environmentally Responsible Surface Preparation
One system and a range of media to replace other cleaning and surface preparation technologies while providing superior results. Protect what is important: People, Profits, Assets, Schedules, the Environment – every aspect of your operation is enhanced.
Why Sponge Jet?

How It Works
Wondering just what Sponge-Jet is?
Check out this informative info-graphic.

Why Sponge-Jet

  • Suppresses up to 99% of dust.
  • Accelerates blasting & painting
  • Reduces Downtime - saving millions
  • Lowers environmental impact
  • Proven
    in workplace
       health & safety
  • Suppresses up to 99% of dust.
  • Accelerates blasting & painting operations
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Proven better in workplace health & safety



  • Extends Coating Life
  • Increases Profits & Production
  • Used by Fortune 100 Manufacturers
  • Specified in Over 100 Refineries Worldwide
  • OSHA-Recognized for Low Toxicity
  • Safer for Operators
  • Up to 20x Faster Than Power Tools
  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Versatile—Works on All Substrates
  • Eliminates Harmful Rebound
  • Specified by Governments Around the World
  • Creates Any Required or Desired Profile
  • Reusable Material—90% Lower Disposal Cost
  • Replaces Multiple Blasting Systems
  • Environmentally Engineered for Less Fugitive Emissions
Why Sponge-Jet?
  • When you find yourself in a situation where you need to do blasting but need to control the dust and are concerned about safety and the environment, it's useful to know there's machinery that can do the job -Branch Manager, Brisk Waterproofing Co.
  • "The other cleaning methods are too destructive." Our goal is to leave the granite intact and to remove only the dirt." - Project Manager, J.P. Cullen & Sons Inc. -Project Manager, J.P. Cullen & Sons Inc.
  • "Sponge-Jet Blast Media absorbs the contamination without re-depositing it on the material or the floor and walls of our containment structure, not to mention all of our breathing air samples have been “clean” to this point.” - Materials Engineering Technician, Westinghouse Electrical Company -Dave Jordan, Westinghouse Electrical Company C10
  • "This technology requires less logistics (preparation) than other alternative technologies commonly used in the oil industry for surface preparation jobs (e.g. hydro-blasting, wet-blasting and sandblasting)." - Ecopetrol S.A. -Nelson E. Rodriquez G, Ecopetrol S.A.
  • "No more back breaking labor loading the buckets with grit and loading into the blaster. My back has never been happier” - Boat Painter, US Coast Guard -Don Holcomb, US Coast Guard C30
  • "Dust produced by the process is near zero. The spent media doesn't travel very far from the point of impact, so it can be easily cleaned up. The sponge media is reusable, and we are successfully using it several times over." - Department Head, Todd Pacific Shipyards -Pete Judt A36, Todd Pacific Shipyards C36
  • "...we have been using [Sponge-Jet] for many years with nothing but excellent results, due to the fact the customer, Pemex Exploration and Production (PEP), continues regular operations while we use it." - Superintendent of Maintenance Operations, DIAVAZ -Francisco Sánchez Pineda, DIAVAZ
  • "We used your products... where no creation of dust, pollution prevention and a quality finish was a must for us and to meet our customer's satisfaction standards." - Program Manager, Navantia -Pedro Pedraza Bergillos, Navantia
  • "Sponge-Jet is a much cleaner process for the interior repair and prep of our rail cars. The greatly reduced dust levels and easy cleanup has been a great benefit. The cost is slightly higher than conventional media but the ability to recycle and other benefits far out weigh the initial cost.", Procurement & Operations -Billy Jones A65, Trinity Rail C65
  • "In regards to the new technology, our experience has being satisfactory from the technical stand point regarding the operators safety and the impact to the environment. The equipment is reliable and the substrate finish quality is excellent." - Ronmel García, Maintenance & Programming Superintendent, Petrosucre-PDVSA -Ronmel García A74, Petrosucre-PDVSA C74

Press, Approvals and Awards

  • Selected by NASA's Acquisition Pollution and Prevention office being “the superior technology” for low emission surface preparation/depainting
  • The Carolopolis Award given to the Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Synagogue in Charleston, SC USA for exterior preservation using Sponge Media
  • The Stora Productivitetspriset Awarded to Skandinavisk Industri Utveckling of Sweden for productivity improvements using Sponge Media™ abrasives
  • Saving water with Sponge-Jet and pig system through the Sustainable Commissioning of refineries was presented during the 2012 Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development