Component Rebuild Centers (CRC)

Sponge-Jet enables heavy equipment rebuilders to clean parts faster and with better quality, resulting in reduced disassembly time and like-new paint finishes on refurbished components.  The improved surface preparation and resulting coating benefits reinforces the overall quality associated with a certified rebuild.

Sponge-Jet Custom Integrations eliminate many of the problems caused by ordinary cleaning systems and abrasive grit blast rooms. All solutions provide simplicity, consistency and efficiency. This waterless, environmentally friendly process requires less capital investment, less system maintenance, and less ongoing operational costs than competitive industrial solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Effectively remove grease, oil and dirt
  • Clean exterior parts the first time
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cuts down on the secondary hand-cleaning of components
  • Efficient enough to produce a clean surface to repaint
  • Enhances the look of the final product
  • Work adjacent to mechanical assemblies, rotating equipment and electronic devices
  • Spend less on media handling and conveying
  • No reclamation augers, mechanical buckets, or conveyors
  • Simple, low maintenance vacuum recovery solutions
  • Reduce H/VAC costs by HEPA filtered recirculating air
  • New blast rooms can be built for a fraction of the cost of conventional blast rooms
  • Existing blast rooms can be easily converted
  • Allows for precision cleaning, touch-up and controlled feathering of existing coating