How It Works

Sponge-Jet Feed Units
Pressurized Feed Units propel Sponge Media abrasives to the surface. A centralized control panel provides adjustment of blast pressure and media feed rate allowing for precise control.
5% Waste Sponge Media

1. Sponge Media propelled at the surface.

2. Sponge particle flattens on impact. Cleans or abrades the surface.

3. Sponge cells expand, creating vacuum – entrapping dust and debris.

Feed Unit Sponge Media Abrasives Recyclers
Sponge Media Abrasives
Over 25 different types of Sponge Media are available. Each with different abrasives or cleaning agents bonded in the Sponge.
1 Impact - Abrasive Profiling
Sponge media flattens on impact, exposing abrasive, cleaning, abrading and profiling the surface.
Feed Unit Sponge Media Abrasives Recyclers
2 Expansion - Suction
Sponge cells expand, creating vacuum – pulling in debris.
Feed Unit Sponge Media Abrasives Recyclers
3 Containment - Rebound
Media traps hazardous particles that would have become airborne and rebound with low energy; making cleanup and containment easy.
Feed Unit Sponge Media Abrasives Recyclers
Sponge-Jet Recyclers
Recyclers clean and classify Sponge Media for reuse, separating media from oversized debris, and fine waste.
Recycling Technology
Feed Unit Feed Unit Sponge Media Abrasives Recyclers
Oversized Waste
Removes FOD (Foreign Object Debris) such as nuts and bolts.
Up to 95% recycled
Sponge Media is efficiently recycled on site for immediate reuse thus minimizing time and cost associated with material handling, waste disposal.
media recycled
Fine Waste
Dust, broken down paint, rust and hazardous contaminants are separated from the Sponge Media.
Sustainable, Safe, Environmentally Responsible Surface Preparation
One system and a range of media to replace other cleaning and surface preparation technologies while providing superior results. Protect what is important: People, Profits, Assets, Schedules, the Environment – every aspect of your operation is enhanced.
Why Sponge Jet?

Wondering just what Sponge-Jet is?
Check out this informative info-graphic.