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The EXPO-SURFACE is a true celebration of corrosion protection and surface treatment technologies. The expo brings together manufacturers, distributors and industry representatives from a wide variety of countries – including Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the United States, Great Britain, Belgium, and many more.

Industry leaders like Sponge-Jet will put on display a wide range of products; the exhibition will preview all types of applications and technologies for precise paint application, including spray-paint applicators, paint guns and sprayers, diaphragm pumps. The exhibition was also the display specialized appliances for cleaning, abrasive surface preparation, washers and shot-blasting machines. The EXPO-SURFACE was an invaluable opportunity to learn about varnish powder coating and thermo-diffusion galvanizing in addition to many other cutting-edge technologies.

Date: 19-22/March/2024

Location: Kielce, Poland

Stand: TBD

Show Info: Click Here

On-Site Contact: Chesterton Int., Polska sp. z o.o.