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  • Gorilla Nozzle Blast Light™

    Part #: SJE-GNL-SYS

    Improve efficiency and production with shadow-free environmental lighting for any blast nozzle. The workplace for abrasive blasters is now super-illuminated, efficient and more productive than ever before. Operator visibility is improved with a nozzle-mounted LED light allowing for high first-pass quality and more accurate real-time inspection during blasting. A network of carbon-friendly LEDs consume less […]

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  • Saber Blast Nozzle

    Part #: SBR-BLST-NOZZ

    A revolutionary innovation in abrasive nozzle design, the new Saber Blast™ nozzle increases production speeds up to 50%, using advanced gas dynamic concepts to maximize the velocity of abrasives hitting the surface. By viewing the abrasive and air streams as separate components, engineers were able to create the optimal speed/volume relationship between the two components. […]

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