Clean Fast, Dry and with No Chemicals

Sponge-Jet Technology can CLEAN — in the broadest terms!

  • Boiler tubes & tube sheets
  • Greasy factory ceilings
  • Deposits on steam turbines
  • Smoke and soot damage in churches
  • Low-level radioactive contaminants on steel
  • Pigeon fouling on historic buildings
  • Mold residue after treatment


Sponge-Jet cleans fast and efficiently without water or hazardous chemicals. Through the use of cleaning agents, micro-abrasives and engineered ceramics, Sponge Media™ allows for the broadest cleaning and decontamination capabilities possible to achieve the necessary results.

Features & Benefits

  • Decontaminate, absorb and abate hazards
  • Improve worker health and safety
  • Lower project costs
  • Reliability of schedule and budget
  • Green and sustainable, at lower cost
  • Support public environmental initiatives