Facility Maintenance

Increased MTBR (Mean Time Between Repairs)

Asset Management, the need for corrosion mitigation or facility and equipment cleaning – are under constant constraint – because of:

  • Production requirements
  • Maintenance delays
  • Market volatility
  • Budget restrictions
  • Safety & environmental regulations

The inability to shut down or disrupt production has led many facilities to forego projects, placing incalculable stress on assets. To achieve the benefits offered by advanced coatings better surface preparation is required. Sponge Media blasting allows for properly cleaned or prepared surfaces with minimal labor disruption or unnecessary shutdown.

Features & Benefits

  • Increase time between shut downs
  • Protect integrity & reliability of equipment
  • Blasting on operating equipment
  • Improve worker health and safety
  • Lower project costs
  • Reliability of schedule & budget
  • Improved coating performance