Flammable Atmospheres

Blast Where You Want

Blasting has never being so unrestricted. Sponge Blasting is the only technology with full clearance in classified areas in plants around the world. Blasting on classified operating assets is possible due to the low-temperature, low-dust, no-ricochet performance characteristics of the Sponge Media™ abrasives. This bundle of benefits, referred to Sponge-Jet MicroContainment™ cause a lack of disruption to operations which a direct and positive impact on the revenue.

  • Preparing and re-coating in-service storage tanks is now more safe and faster than emptying and de-gassing them.
  • Rather than rushing, tasks formerly part of critical-path shut-down scheduling (e.g. abrasive blasting), can now be performed conveniently and correctly during plant operations

Now routine maintenance in flammable locations can include blasting and re-coating. The result… a lighter load of repairs during shutdown while still maximizing asset life.

Features & Benefits

  • Blast on Operating Equipment
  • Increase Asset Life & Coating Performance
  • Extend Time Between Repairs
  • Increase Production and Profits
  • Increase Tank & Storage Availability
  • Extend Time Between Shut Downs
  • Protect Integrity & Reliability of Assets