Structural Steel

Protecting the Core of Your Industry.

Steel is the foundation of buildings, structures and manufacturing plants; its maintenance is critical to safety, asset longevity and reduction in total costs. The gradual corrosion of steel structures eventually leads to expensive asset maintenance or the replacement of:

  • I-beams, box beams
  • Support columns
  • Girders and joists
  • Rails
  • Lighting and transmission towers
  • Pipe racks
  • Web beams
  • Decking, plates
  • Super structures

Sponge-Jet technology allows for the protection of these assets with less cost and fewer business interruptions, while providing extended coating life and extended maintenance intervals.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplified job staging
  • Protected integrity & reliability of nearby equipment
  • Blasting on operating equipment
  • Improved worker health & safety
  • Increased structures & assets availability
  • Minimized liability & regulatory issues