Oil & Gas

Maximum Equipment Availability

Availability, reliability and readiness are crucial in such a demanding and time-sensitive industry. Present in almost every petroleum corporation, Sponge-Jet offers the only clean, dry, low dust and rebound abrasive blasting technology. The technology is used:

  • During operations
  • Adjacent to critical equipment
  • To increase efficiency on routine and major maintenance operations
  • For maximum coating life
  • To increase tank and storage availability
  • In order to maximize boiler efficiency
  • As a repair to Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Eliminate almost every harmful aspect associated with surface preparation and reduce the steps of cleaning and profiling prior to coating.

Features & Benefits

  • Asset life extension
  • Increase tank & storage availability
  • Extend time between shut downs
  • Minimize liability & regulatory issues
  • Protect integrity & reliability of assets
  • Improve worker health & safety