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Blast Where You Want!

Sponge-Jet saves millions of dollars annually in a variety of applications. The unique ability to precisely control dust and ricochet allows users to meet surface preparation requirements without the disruptive and costly side effects of ordinary surface preparation methods.

Benefit by:

  • Blasting near sensitive equipment and surfaces
  • Blasting during plant operations
  • Scheduling other tasks during surface preparation
  • Extending maintenance cycles
  • Lowering total cost
  • Improving reliability of all plant systems
  • Working concurrently with other blasters and trades

Explore industries and applications below to learn more about how Sponge-Jet technology can Protect What’s Important™ to you and your industry. Rethink how you accomplish surface preparation and tackle maintenance activities by considering the unique capabilities of this technology and how they might save you time, money and waste!

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Every Industry has unique concerns and applications. Please browse those applications most related to you, and learn the advantages of the Sponge-Jet technology. Let us show you how to blast where you want without the cost and disruption, all while extending the life of your assets.


Each Application has its own challenges which can benefit from the use of Sponge-Jet composite abrasive technology. Please browse benefits which are relevant to you. Below are applications that are consistent across many industries. Find more industry-specific information under industries or by using the search tool.