Engineered Abrasives Suppress Hazardous Contaminants

There is no better, more productive solution for safely removing hazardous surface contaminants such as lead based coatings, nuclear contamination, CARC, hexavalent chromium, asbestos, PCBs, mold and other hazards than the MicroContainment™ properties of Sponge Media.

This technology eliminates re-deposition of contaminants, while its dry low dust, on-site reusability results with:

  • Drastic reduction of hazardous waste
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced worker exposure
  • Control of fugitive emissions
  • Less hazardous waste disposal

The engineering controls provided by this technology bring clients into today’s standards and help Protect What’s Important™ to you and your business.

Features & Benefits

  • BACT (Best Available Control Technology)
  • Decontaminate, Absorb and Abate Hazards
  • Cost Savings
  • Reduced Compliance Requirements
  • Simplified Job Staging
  • Minimize Liability and Regulatory Issues