Resources & Support

Sponge-Jet strives to provide a wide range of resources and product support in the form you need it and when you need it – which is what sets itself apart from other abrasive blasting media and equipment manufactures. Use the following resources to find the answers you need:

  • Use the Sponge-Jet Resource Library as the complete media library for all information on equipment, abrasive products, articles, brochures, case histories, certifications, comparisons, equipment manuals, MSD sheets, technical data, overviews, specifications, technical references, testimonials and tests
  • Use the Sponge-Jet Blog (and subscribe to it) to learn about new products, product updates, applications, events, technical information and tips on increasing performance
  • Use the Training portal to promote safe and efficient Sponge-Jet equipment operation and to engage in third-party, personal and professional development
  • Use Contact Us for the location and contact details of your local distributor or agent, for sales-related questions, for technical questions about product performance and safety as well as for critical, time-sensitive on-site project challenges