Historic Preservation

Clean and Restore Valuable Structures and Artifacts

Sponge-Jet’s various and unique features combine to offer the preservation industry an invaluable tool. More than ten-times as fast as manual cleaning – more gentle than water or abrasive blasting. Used on:

  • Churches, stadiums and historic buildings
  • Statues, monuments and sculptures
  • Limestone, sandstone, marble, granite, brick, terracotta and tile
  • Bronze, brass, copper, gold, wrought iron and delicate castings
  • Wood beams
  • Selective stripping and removal of smoke, soot, and graffiti

Sponge Media™ cleaning and restoration products provide professionals with surgical-like control for a wide range of cleaning and restoration work. The media’s engineered capabilities range from gentle cleaning to micro-abrasion, with Sponge-Jet Feed Unit™s propelling the media at pressures so low, one can clean paper.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplify job staging
  • Protect integrity and reliability of assets
  • Less disruption to the community
  • Reliability of schedule and budget
  • Lower project costs
  • Green and sustainable, at lower cost