Portable Vacuum System

Sponge-Jet CVR (Continuous VAC-Recovery System™) is designed with rich features which eliminate the shortcomings normally associated with vacuum systems on surface preparation projects. Unlike standard vacuum recovery units, these units can purge and drop vacuumed material where needed without ever losing suction and therefore eliminating a primary cause of hose clogs.

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  • CVR-P110

    Part #: SJE-CVR-P110-PKG

    The Sponge-Jet CVR P110 Continuous VAC-Recovery System reduces handling and labor costs. This continuous recycling and reloading system can save labor, time and money. It recovers Sponge Media™ abrasive in the work area and automatically transports it to the Sponge-Jet Recycler™. The first-stage cyclone hopper remains under vacuum, recovering dust, waste and Sponge Media. The […]

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