Transportation & Automotive

Minimize Lost Time – Increase Quality

The transportation industry is highly competitive, Lean manufacturers can cost-effectively increase production by reducing rework and eliminating unnecessary, time-consuming steps.

  • Railcars & locomotives
  • Heavy equipment – OEM & rehabilitation
  • Automobiles – OEM & rehabilitation
  • Trucks and buses

Consider safety, integrity and corporate appearance as important factors. Corrosion mitigation programs and processes can be disruptive to operations when poorly managed and can cause rejects, delays and premature coating failure. Sponge-Jet’s non-disruptive, dry, low dust abrasive blasting allows preparation in-situ with minimal disruption to other processes –  while achieving optimum surface preparation, which helps maximize cost efficiency.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce rejection & rework (six sigma quality)
  • Reliability of schedule & budget
  • Improve community relations and compliance
  • Maximize asset availability and readiness
  • Increase production & profits
  • Equipment reliability and asset life extension