Gorilla Nozzle Light™

Sponge-Jet Gorilla Nozzle Light – designed to improve the safety, reliability and productivity of Sponge-Jet blasting and ordinary abrasive blasting. This unique LED light fits around the circumference of any blast nozzle to illuminate the blast surface without shadows and blind spots.

Gorilla Nozzle Blast Light™

Improve efficiency and production with shadow-free environmental lighting for any blast nozzle. The workplace for abrasive blasters is now super-illuminated, efficient and more productive than ever before. Operator visibility is improved with a nozzle-mounted LED light allowing for high first-pass quality and more accurate real-time inspection during blasting. A network of carbon-friendly LEDs consume less energy and generate less heat than other conventional alternatives.

Features specific to the Gorilla Nozzle Light are:

  • Higher production speeds
  • Reduced abrasive or media consumption
  • Enhance visibility with new 360º nozzle-mounted LED light
  • Eliminate the need to constantly restage lighting
  • Simple design for ease of operation
  • Light and ergonomic
  • No awkward switches
  • Better vision and safety


  • Product Name: Gorilla Nozzle Blast Light™
  • Part #: SJE-GNL-SYS
  • Light Ring Weight: .2 kg ( .4 lb)
  • Power Supply Weight: .4 kg ( .9 lb)
  • Maximum Nozzle O.D.: 5 cm ( 1 7/8 in)
  • Max Distance w/o Dimming: 100 m (330 ft)

LED Light Ring with connection cord
3-point quick secure system with bumpers
Universal low voltage power supply
20-Pack of replaceable lens

Gorilla Cable™ available up to 92 m (300 ft)


  • Extended service, replaceable LED shield
  • Rugged Gorilla Cable – light but nearly indestructible
  • Shadowless work offers real-time inspection and high (single-pass) quality
  • Nearly indestructible – Lightweight aluminum light assembly protects LED’s
  • Low-temperature design for safe operation and maximum LED service life
  • Minimalist design reduces blaster fatigue compared to heavy incandescent lights
  • Quick-connect male/female industrial fittings
  • Standardized parts and maximum reliability by design
  • High-quality, industry standard components assure for long, trouble-free operation and simplified spare part acquisition