Integrated Systems

Sponge-Jet Integrated Systems combine three essential components of Sponge-Jet Technology:

Sponge-Jet Feed Unit™ for the delivery or blasting of Sponge Media™ products.
Sponge-Jet Recycler™ to clean and ready Sponge Media products for reuse.
Vacuum or material-handling system for recovery and transport of Sponge Media.

A range of systems both standard and custom are available for various applications.

Blast Room Integrations

Integrates all components in an economical and flexible configuration installed at fixed locations. These systems are well suited for facilities that cannot accommodate costly conventional abrasive blast rooms. Each unit is customized and configured to the end user’s requirements.

Features specific to Blast Room Integrations are:

  • Integrated, vacuum-sealed, closed-top recycler
  • No buried conveyors or raised floors
  • High-capacity muffler
  • Blast pressure adjustment
  • Centralized controls for precision monitoring and adjustment
  • Enhanced blast room visibility for better quality surface preparation


  • Product Name: Blast Room Integrations
  • Part #: SJE-KK-CUST
  • Pressure Certification: 10 bar (150 psi)

Blast hose 5 m (16ft) , I.D. 32 mm (1-1/4 in)
Blast hose Extension: as specified
Nozzle Size: 9 mm – 18 mm (#6 – #12)
Nozzle Holder : 50 mm or 1 ¼ in NPS
Nozzle Type: SABER or WEV
Deadman Handle with twinline
Air Supply coupling: 50 mm BOSS, 2” 4 lug, or Surelock
Vacuum Hose: as specified

** Blast Time is estimated based on using a working mix with a #6 nozzle. Actual times may vary.


  • Internal agitation assembly keeps Sponge Media abrasives flowing reliably throughout the vessel
  • Adjustable, pneumatic driven, auger metering system assures optimal media flow and maximum efficiency at all blast pressures
  • Integrated E-Stop and remote deadman control system
  • Standardized parts and maximum reliability by design
  • High quality, industry standard components for long, trouble-free operation, simplified spare part acquisition and replacement
  • Multi-language Labels, Instruction manuals and online training tools
  • Color-coded pneumatic lines for easy troubleshooting
  • Extended Service, permanently lubricated air motor and auger bearings minimize maintenance and wear