Portable Vacuum System


The Sponge-Jet CVR P110 Continuous VAC-Recovery System reduces handling and labor costs. This continuous recycling and reloading system can save labor, time and money. It recovers Sponge Media™ abrasive in the work area and automatically transports it to the Sponge-Jet Recycler™. The first-stage cyclone hopper remains under vacuum, recovering dust, waste and Sponge Media. The second-stage hopper cycles from vacuum to ambient, allowing collected material to pass to the Sponge-Jet Recycler without interruption to the vacuum.

Features specific to CVR-P110:

  • Integrated vacuum
  • High-volume, low-noise vacuum ejector
  • High-strength steel frame
  • Cyclone storage silo
  • Timer-controlled valve
  • Adjustable timer automatically controls vacuum cycles between hopper stages


  • Product Name: CVR-P110
  • Part #: SJE-CVR-P110-PKG
  • Weight: 306 kg (675 lb)
  • Length: 137 cm (54 in)
  • Width: 116 cm (46 in)
  • Height: 284 cm (112 in)
  • Vacuum Ejector: 3800 mm WC (11” Hg), 630 nm3/hr (370 cfm), 76.5 dB(a)
  • Vacuum Air Supply: 4.1 nm3/min (145 cfm), 7 bar (100 psi)
  • Vacuum Transport Capacity: 100 m (330 ft) hose, 8 kg (18 lb/min)

Pneumatic vacuum
2-stage continuous pneumatically timed collection and discharge silo system
Vacuum Hose 15 m (50 ft), I.D. 75 mm (3 in)
Adjustable stand with forklift pockets

*Weight is without shipping pallet, hoses, accessories.
** Transport Capacity is estimated based on using a working mix at 100 m (330 ft) distance with 1/3 of the vertical distance vertical.


  • Standardized parts and maximum reliability by design
  • High-quality, industry-standard components assure for long, trouble-free operation and simplified spare part acquisition
  • Multi-language labels, instruction manuals and online training tools
  • Quick-Assembly Frame: Three-part frame system joins together with peg and locking pins, making assembly and dis-assembly fast and easy