Gorilla Nozzle Blast Light™

Improve efficiency and production with shadow-free environmental lighting for any blast nozzle. The workplace for abrasive blasters is now super-illuminated, efficient and more productive than ever before. Operator visibility is improved with a nozzle-mounted LED light allowing for high first-pass quality and more accurate real-time inspection during blasting. A network of carbon-friendly LEDs consume less energy and generate less heat than other conventional alternatives.

Features specific to the Gorilla Nozzle Light are:

  • Higher production speeds
  • Reduced abrasive or media consumption
  • Enhance visibility with new 360º nozzle-mounted LED light
  • Eliminate the need to constantly restage lighting
  • Simple design for ease of operation
  • Light and ergonomic
  • No awkward switches
  • Better vision and safety


  • Product Name: Gorilla Nozzle Blast Light™
  • Part #: SJE-GNL-SYS
  • Light Ring Weight: .2 kg ( .4 lb)
  • Power Supply Weight: .4 kg ( .9 lb)
  • Maximum Nozzle O.D.: 5 cm ( 1 7/8 in)
  • Max Distance w/o Dimming: 100 m (330 ft)

LED Light Ring with connection cord
3-point quick secure system with bumpers
Universal low voltage power supply
20-Pack of replaceable lens

Gorilla Cable™ available up to 92 m (300 ft)


  • Extended service, replaceable LED shield
  • Rugged Gorilla Cable – light but nearly indestructible
  • Shadowless work offers real-time inspection and high (single-pass) quality
  • Nearly indestructible – Lightweight aluminum light assembly protects LED’s
  • Low-temperature design for safe operation and maximum LED service life
  • Minimalist design reduces blaster fatigue compared to heavy incandescent lights
  • Quick-connect male/female industrial fittings
  • Standardized parts and maximum reliability by design
  • High-quality, industry standard components assure for long, trouble-free operation and simplified spare part acquisition