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NAVSEA Basic Paint Inspector (NBPI)

The NBPI course is a five-day inspection course that was developed by Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to train coatings inspectors to inspect critical coated areas as defined by US Navy policy documents. These areas include (but are not limited to): cofferdams, decks for aviation and UNREP, chain lockers, underwater hull, bilges, tanks, voids, well deck overheads and others. 

What makes this course especially valuable is that it also provides the technical and practical fundamentals for coating inspection work for any steel structure projects other than ships. While the course is primarily designed for people and organizations that are involved in painting work on Navy ships, the comprehensive nature makes it an ideal tool for anyone who desires basic certification in paint inspection. The NBPI compares favorably with other inspector certification courses that are available in the coatings industry. 

Benefits of Attending 

After attending this course, you will be able to: 

  • Identify different types of corrosion 
  • Describe methods of corrosion control 
  • Demonstrate the use of environmental tests and coating inspection instruments 
  • Identify Navy single and multiple part paints 
  • Explain the different causes of coating failures or defects 
  • Create a coating inspector’s inspection plan and logbook 
  • Check the shelf life and condition of paint in the can 
  • Document that abrasive blasting, environmental conditions, paint procedures meet NAVSEA Standard Item 009-32, Chapter 631 and, when applicable the manufacturer’s guidelines 
  • Conduct post-blasting/post-surface prep inspection including condition of surface, profile, residual soluble salts and readiness to paint 
  • Recognize hazardous areas related to paint and coatings and their applications 
  • Become familiar with procedures for doing condition assessment 

Course Format 

The first four days are devoted to classroom lectures and extensive hands-on training. On the fifth day, the NBPI Course Exams are given. 

The exams consist of three parts: 

  1. Multiple Choice Course Exam
  2. Practical Exam (using inspection instruments)
  3. NAVSEA Standard Item 009-32 multiple-choice exam

Administered By: SSPC 

Date: 31 July – 4 Aug/2023 

Location: Sponge-Jet, Inc. 14 Patterson Lane, Newington, NH 03801 

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